About Ragley


Back in 2008, we were looking at hardcore hardtails and there was nothing we really felt excited to swing a leg over. Steep head-angles, short top tubes, poor handling and frame quality just left us uninspired. This was the catalyst to do our own thing, make bikes to get us excited to ride and bring a smile to riders faces.

Since then, Ragley have continued to be designed and tested in the UK, we keep an ear to the ground so we keep making up-to-date products for modern riders who demands quality, reliability, day-in-day-out joyful performance without any hassle or fuss.

At Ragley the design ethos is simple, yet effective: make quality components and hardcore frames with real world well thought out features and geometries. We focus on ensuring great handling, ride quality, reliability and fun above all else.

We at Ragley design products we want to ride and enjoy and collectively with our loyal customer base we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do to.


To get our vision off the ground and ensure our concept become the fun reality we wanted, we enlisted legendary hardtail frame designer Brant Richards. We thought, if we’re going to do this, lets do it right from the start and Brant was the man for the job. We asked Brant to make a frame that climbed well but had handling characteristics of a DH bike down the trails.

We also wanted to give customers a choice of materials and with the material choice the unique riding characteristics they give. What was conceived and released 2009/10 was the Bluepig (Steel), Mmmbop (Alloy) and Ti frames. Evolutions of the Bluepig and Mmmbop are still in our range today and we still offer Steel and Alloy models across our range with the same geo’s.

The frames were controversial at the time, splitting opinion, but we had faith in our concept. They all shared the same 74deg seat angle, slack 65.5deg head angle, long top tubes, short stems, 130-150mm fork, long wheelbase and 425mm chainstays. By todays standards not too radical, but at the time a bold statement of where frame geo’s were going but when slung down a trail the smiles spoke for themselves.


Brant spread his wings and moved onto pastures new, but the early ethos and concept is still at the core of Ragley bikes today with a rider focused staff. Longer, lower, slacker, we all know the cliché terms, at Ragley we don’t jump on the latest trends just for the sake of it. We were already ahead of the game with our geometries and over the years we have evolved to keep our frames bang up to date with geo’s/standards that suit us and our customers. Our frames still have the ‘Three Finger’ chainstay bridge found on our original frames, why change something that works?

Today our range has options for Trail and Enduro, in Alloy and Steel and 27.5’’ and 29’’ wheels. If you’re looking for a hardtail frame, we have options to suit all riders and terrain. You can pick a frame to suit your terrain/riding style, a wheel size and frame material of your preference. We also have the Trig steel gravel bike for adventures or commuting.

At Ragley we love giving our customers bikes that are truly fun, reliable and no fuss. Remember to #getwild.